Importing Plants from Ecuagenera to the UK

As for many 2020 and 2021 saw our plant collection growing. For me this was only possible to grow in such a vast way by looking at alternative places apart from the UK market. There were a few reasons for that. Types of plants available Prices of the plants Brexit – making it impossible toContinue reading “Importing Plants from Ecuagenera to the UK”

Importing plants from the USA via Exotica Exportare

EDITED on 28th Feb 2022 to include other suppliers. EDITED on 18th Dec 2021 to include DHL related info. Not that it matters but my most liked picture in October was one of my two plants that I managed to import using Arthur and his new business Exotica Exportare. So I thought I’d share aContinue reading “Importing plants from the USA via Exotica Exportare”