I’m Kim and I started this blog to act like a houseplant journal as well as a place to share knowledge.

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Plant Care – 4 Assumptions I had when I started indoor gardening

In this post I’d like to share my personal assumptions, that I had about plants and caring for them. While I am someone that likes to learn and really understand something, I did not know there was much to understand about plants and their care when it came to indoor plants. Growing up we haveContinue reading “Plant Care – 4 Assumptions I had when I started indoor gardening”

Plant Care – preventative treatments against common houseplant pests

Plant parenthood is not all lovely and fun. I learned this the hard way. I did not even think indoor plants would get pests. To be fair the only plant pests I knew about were outdoor pests such as Aphid’s that eat roses (spoiler; they can also come indoors!) and slugs! I am yet toContinue reading “Plant Care – preventative treatments against common houseplant pests”


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