Plant Journal – Plant collection and anxiety

I haven’t written here in a while. I felt like an imposter in a community with collectors who know so much more than me and have been collecting plant for so much longer. I have used the time to think about why I collect plants and evaluate my collection and my relationship with it. ThisContinue reading “Plant Journal – Plant collection and anxiety”

Plant Care – root rot

Oh wow, we are a week into the new year and despite me having 2 weeks off, I haven’t actually done much writing. But the holiday period was a much needed break, despite the fact that the pandemic is still getting worse and Brexit being official. Can you tell that my mood is dampened byContinue reading “Plant Care – root rot”

Plant Journal – Pilea peperomioides ‘White Splash’

Summary Pilea peperomioides is a popular plant. I have heard it be called chinese money plant, and its leaves are like big round coins. To me the plant doesn’t look like it should stand up, as there are so many leaves on long stems but it works and is fun to look at. It isContinue reading “Plant Journal – Pilea peperomioides ‘White Splash’”

Propagations – air layering

As I mentioned in my post about my propagations of Nov to Dec 2020 I have had some failed attempts with rooting node cuttings of my variegated monstera. The last one I was still trying to root, completely rotted away this weekend so I gave up on it, as I guess I had to. SoContinue reading “Propagations – air layering”

Community – Houseplant enthusiasts in Sussex

In my day to day life, I am generally about helping people learn, creating communities at work to foster safe learning environments but also extend that to the outside world. During 2019 I took a big step back from organising meet ups about software testing, due to mental health reasons and getting close to burnContinue reading “Community – Houseplant enthusiasts in Sussex”

Propagations – Experiments Nov-Dec 2020

I am awful at propagating. I hate cutting my plants. BUT I do love experimenting and seeing plants root from a leaf cutting or node is kinda magical. The whole idea and concept that but cutting you can make another plant from an original mother plant is actually fun. I do realise that not allContinue reading “Propagations – Experiments Nov-Dec 2020”

Plant Care – Moss pole – 1 week later

So in one of my previous posts, I described how I made a basic moss pole and some of the benefits of having moss poles. What I didn’t think would happen is that within a week, I’d see some changes in some of the plants. This is why I love trying things to see ifContinue reading “Plant Care – Moss pole – 1 week later”

Plant Journal – Alocasia Reginula or Black Velvet

Summary I knew I liked this plant from pictures and I was intrigued by it. I did not think I would love it this much. It has big leaves, even when it is small, these are velvety, almost black when mature and the veining is silvery. So far it has also been a fast growerContinue reading “Plant Journal – Alocasia Reginula or Black Velvet”

Plant Care – making a cheap moss pole

EDIT: I noticed that I used forest moss instead of sphagnum moss here. Oops! I should have read the label of the moss. I actually washed the moss in a cloth bag wondering why it was dirty. I still make many mistakes, even after several years of plant care. D’oh. I do recommend sphagnum mossContinue reading “Plant Care – making a cheap moss pole”

No buy Winter? How to survive the winter as a plant addict

Let me start by saying that this is not a post about plant winter care and how to over winter your plants. I am more talking about not buying any more plants over the winter period, as they can get really bad shock in the winter, even with a heat pack enclosed. It is justContinue reading “No buy Winter? How to survive the winter as a plant addict”