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I am a private collector of house plants and have an eclectic indoor jungle. I am not someone that loves flowers, but rather leaves. Leaf shapes and sizes and textures are what drive my collection. I am based in the South of England, UK, so experiences around buying plants and plant related products are influenced by my location.

I also love making terrariums. My current favourite plants are prayer plants and monstera, but some philodendron are intriguing me.

While my plant parenthood is by no means perfect or without fails, I wanted to document my journey and share any tips and tricks along the way.

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Below you can find some products I have used in my home set up, these just provide me a kick back and are not more expensive for you, if you decide to purchase through them. ❤

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Plant Care – root rot

Oh wow, we are a week into the new year and despite me having 2 weeks off, I haven’t actually done much writing. But the holiday period was a much needed break, despite the fact that the pandemic is still getting worse and Brexit being official. Can you tell that my mood is dampened byContinue reading “Plant Care – root rot”


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