Plant Care – Moss pole – 1 week later

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So in one of my previous posts, I described how I made a basic moss pole and some of the benefits of having moss poles. What I didn’t think would happen is that within a week, I’d see some changes in some of the plants.

This is why I love trying things to see if they make a difference or not. The plant that has definitely benefited from the moss pole is the Monstera Adansonii. I got this baby plant from my friend and once I gave it a damp moss pole, its aerial roots went into over drive. Look at this one here burying into the pole. It has attached itself to the pole already which is really exciting. It has also climbed straight up and is putting out its next leaf, which it probably would have done anyways but I’d like to think it is just really happy now. I do spray the pole with water every night and most mornings. I have started to do this outside of the cabinet as in the week of having the poles inside the cabinet, it got very dirty very quickly.

Another plant that looks really happy at the moment is this amydrium medium silver. They are real climbers anyways and will send out these long runners until they find somewhere to climb. I am sure it will get another runner soon to send up the pole, now that its leaf has opened. I wrote a bit about their care here.

Next we have a cutting I got of a facebook group of a monstera standleyana. Once I gave it the pole, the plant got a new growth point and is pushing out a new leaf. This again could be coincidence but it seems to like having the pole to climb and the extra humidity too.

Basically all I am trying to demonstrate is that by adding a moss pole using real moss, I seem to be positively affecting my plants even after just over one week. In the new year I may even make some huge ones, for my big plants to really see them enjoy climbing too.

In the meantime I need to make some smaller ones for my philodendron babies that are starting to outgrow their pots, which is really exciting too. This is why I love smaller plants as you really get to be part of the development of the plants.

If you are stuck on where to find the items I have used to make the moss poles, then below you can find some products I have used in my home set up, these just provide me a kick back via an affiliate link and are not more expensive for you, if you decide to purchase through them. ❤

DIY moss pole

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