No buy Winter? How to survive the winter as a plant addict

Note: These are my opinions and experiences, I am no expert and I have not been paid or incentivised to share my thoughts and reviews of any sellers, products or people mentioned in this post.

Let me start by saying that this is not a post about plant winter care and how to over winter your plants. I am more talking about not buying any more plants over the winter period, as they can get really bad shock in the winter, even with a heat pack enclosed. It is just not worth it. Personally I bought a couple of expensive plants at the end of november and I asked to enclose a heat pack which the seller did but the plants were nowhere to be found for 6 days rather than 4, and the newest leaf on one of my plants is almost completely brown and dead now. It has another leaf on it as well and the sheath is all brown, so it might actually all die off. :/ So let me tell you, it is not worth it buying plants during winter.

What I ended up having to do was cut the leaf off and put some cinnamon on the end to neutralise the cute. Does this actually work or is someone winding me up? But since then it’s started to concentrate on adding aerial roots in that spot so that’s encouraging.

The damaged leaf post chopping

This experience along with two of root rot, post purchase made me want to not buy anymore plants right now. Hence I am embarking on “No buy Winter”. But if I’m not researching plants and their prices, sellers, and care and then buying them, what am I going to be doing!? Haha!

No roots left 🙁 the one in the back is ok though

1. Photograph my plants

I like the idea of taking some pictures of each plant to have reference points for growth, or decline. This way in 6 months time I can make a comparison and see how I am doing in providing a good environment for each of them.

Black velvet Alocasia

I am also really intrigued by this notebook. It looks really nice and has loads of different tips in it as well. I am still debating whether to get one. Do you have one? It looks like a nice way to draw your plants too and document them. I might just do this in this site though.

2. Study and count my plants

Along with taking pictures, I’d like to understand what plants I have a bit better and what their needs are and arrange them together. For example, I have a handful of Alocasias now, and I think it would be nice to display them together, as I think a lot of them want a similar sort of environment.

3. Make a list of plant care tasks for the spring

Some of my plants have gone almost dormant or dormant, but they seem to be ready for a slightly bigger pot in the spring. I think it would be good to have a list of which plants need which size pots, so I can look for bargains and just be organised when the time comes. Alongside re potting, I may want to also make some moss poles, or take cuttings in the spring. A list should help me decide and be more organised next year.

4. Enjoy the plants

Over the last couple of years I have created a couple of nice places in the house surrounded by plants. I’d like to enjoy these areas more and read something, or just talk to and look at the plants.

my plant corner in the spare room

Do you talk to your plants?

5. Talk to fellow plant enthusiasts and addicts

I am super shy, and a bit awkward but I would love to get to know more plant people. I do watch a lot of youtube now and listen to different podcasts but have not commented on these. I would also like to talk more on instagram but I am so rubbish I keep losing threads, but do say hello. 🙂

And I’m going to be prepping my idea for an online meet up. I paid for 6 months so will see if I can somehow organise 6 sessions. If you want to speak at the meet up let me know. 🙂

What are your ideas to overwinter as a plant addict on maybe a plant buying ban? Or will you continue to buy plants during the winter?

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