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Over the last couple of weeks I have fallen hard for this monstera-esque plant. Amydrium Medium is a vining plant, with leaves that will fenestrate with maturity. It has been called the spider man monstera and the leaves are really striking. The colours I have are green and a grey/blue/silver one. I have seen variegated versions but hate to think what the price might be but I’d love to complete the set. 😀

Quick Facts


Family: Araceae.
Cultivar: Medium
Botanical Name: Amydrium Medium Green Nickname: Spiderman monstera

Plant Care

Light: Tolerates low light. Will thrive in bright light. Avoid direct light.
Watering: Water when top 5cm of soil are dry. Don’t overwater. Will droop when it needs water.
Humidity: Not fussy. Mine is at 65%-70%.
Soil/Substrate: Well draining soil. Hates wet feet.


Air Purifying? Yes
Toxic? Yes

Growth pattern: Loves climbing. To avoid long runners without leaves, give it a moss pole or so to climb up.


Now I have only had this plant and the two varieties of it for a couple of weeks. The silver one only arrived this week in fact. But I love them. They are really fast growers.

Green vs Silver variety

So far they appear to be really hardy and loving life. I treat them similar to my monsteras. I have used a well draining soil, which I mixed by using cactus mix, some orchid bark and loads of perlite. This is to avoid them getting root rot. They live in my south facing spare room (or should I say plant room!?) and during the winter period I supplement the indirect light with some grow lights.

I do suggest giving them a moss pole or even just a bamboo stick very early on. They send out long runners to find more bright light, and these get long quickly if it doesn’t find anything to hang on to. I am sure mine grew 1cm or so a day. I should have done a time-lapse, really!

The leaves start out small and full, but the more mature the plant gets, the bigger and more varied the fenestrations in the leaves become. It is really quite striking. I have only had one very small leaf so far, which I think was due to the shock of shipping, as there are some fenestrated leaves on the plant already. The leaves’ texture is often referred to as crocodile like and you can see why.

Different levels of maturity mean different levels of fenestration

I am really not doing anything special for these, apart from giving them a moss pole earlier than I had with my variegated monstera or monstera peru, simply because they put out these runners quickly.


I am yet to propagate this plant, however in theory this should be relatively straight forward, especially if it has set out long runners. On these you will be able to see some nodes, maybe even with tiny arial roots. If you make sure your cutting has 1-2 of these nodes it should root. Even better if it includes a leaf as well.

My Amydrium green has 3 runners. I have now put these on a moss pole and growth has slowed a bit, so once it puts out leaves I will try to propagate. The fact that you get these runners, should make it quite easy to create more vines, to grow a really full plant, but give me a couple of years.

Common Problems/Pests

A bit like monsteras or many other plants, yellow leaves can indicate over watering. The leaves could also bleach a bit if it gets too much direct sunlight. You have to remember that these would live in a jungle under the canopy so they would get indirect dappled light in the jungle, so re-creating this environment is key for the care of the plant.

When my plants arrived I did my usual routine of cleaning the leaves and using neem oil and horticultural soap mix and sprayed the plant all over. I have not had any pests yet. *fingers crossed*

However I am assuming it would suffer from similar ones as most houseplants being surrounded by them, which would be spider mites, mealy bugs and thrips. I treat for these regularly as part of my plant care routine and you can read more about my journey with pests here.

Humidity wise these seem pretty hardy, The leaves are a bit thinner than monstera leaves and not as flat but there is no variegation on these so they seem to be ok. But at the end of the day they are jungle plants and I did read someone saying they tend to put out leaves more readily if humidity is right for them.

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