Community – Houseplant enthusiasts in Sussex

In my day to day life, I am generally about helping people learn, creating communities at work to foster safe learning environments but also extend that to the outside world.

During 2019 I took a big step back from organising meet ups about software testing, due to mental health reasons and getting close to burn out. 2020 in a way with its weirdness has helped me recover a bit, because I just needed to be OK to be on my own and not do everything to make everyone else happy. And as we know, in 2020 we couldn’t go out and meet others most of the time. As this strange year draws to an end, I am feeling like I’d like to meet more plant enthusiasts. Plants have helped me through this year and I am learning so much every day, which I’d like to share more with others. I met a few local plant enthusiasts during workshops in 2018 and 2019 but when I looked for a meet up, I could not find one.

If you do know of a houseplant meet up in the Sussex area let me know, but for now I created this one. It is an experiment and we will start with online talks and Q&As but if all goes well with the COVID-19 vaccine and the general world, I am also looking forward to meet ups in person in the future as well.

For now the purpose of this group is to make some connections in another way than Facebook and instagram, and share some knowledge and interesting topics in a safe environment. At least that is my ambition.

I am in the process of reaching out to some local and not so local plant people and if you have suggestions do let me know.

Hopefully see you at an online meet up in 2021.

Here is the link

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